Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Daily Devotions Booklet

This daily devotions notepad guides you in organizing your thoughts as your have your daily devotions with Jesus. Each notepad has 20 pages that has questions to slowly think about to help you remember your daily devotions better. The daily devotion notepads last about four weeks. Try them out and we are sure that you will like using them.

It is designed to be small and easy to travel so you can take your daily devotions with you each day and share your devotional thoughts with your friends at school or at work.

You will learn quickly how these little notepads can help you get more out of the Bible each day in your daily devotions by simply slowing you down a bit. For a limited time we are offering one daily devotions notepad for free! Simply click the link below and enter the coupon code "1freepad" during your checkout.

Visit to get yours free.

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